IVG Irrigation

AGRICULTURE - IVG-Irrigation enables plants to use water more efficiently

By pumping the water through a nozzle inside the Industrial Vortex Generator (IVG), the water is treated continuously. Within the water are very small micro air bubbles that affect the water’s properties significantly. Treating the water with the IVG, the air bubbles in the water “float” towards a sub-pressure or vacuum at the centre of the vortex. As they migrate towards the centre, the air bubbles come into contact with other air bubbles along the way to self-organize, forming a continuous string. Once there, these micro bubbles are no longer able to return to their former state. As the water is applied to a very extreme movement, shear forces will tear any structure or cluster in the water. The water is vitalized, the viscosity is lowered and the water’s molecules are structured in a way that plants are able to utilize the water more efficiently.
The bio-fouling inside the pipes is lowered due to this new type of movement. The lower viscosity results in a better flow, lowering the stress on the irrigation system. Fertilizing and other chemical treatment can be reduced, increasing the ecological and environmental profile. The operational process is very easy and the system can easily be adapted and installed on different sizes and irrigation systems.
This results in an efficient Clean-Tech solution with lowered costs and a better operational economy.

By pumping water through the Industrial Vortex Generator, the water is continuously treated. Environmentally friendly solution Improved processes and efficiency.

Microbubbles of air present in water considerably affect its properties.

The water treated with the generator is vitalized, its viscosity is lowered and its molecules are structured so that the plants absorb it more efficiently.

Pipe clogging is eliminated.

Lower viscosity allows for better flow and reduces pressure on the irrigation system.

Easy to install and adaptable to irrigation systems of different sizes and types.

Benefits of IVG - Irriation

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