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H2oVortex is a Luxembourg based company whose focus lies in commercializing and distributing sustainable energy saving solutions to a wide variety of global markets.
Our solutions are based on Vortex Process Technology (VPT) which is owned and patented by the Swedish cleantech company Watreco.

Industrial Vortex Generator
IVG ) Solutions

From cooling towers and evaporative condensers to irrigation and lime scale prevention, our industrial vortex generators (IVG) are used in a variety of applications to:

Ice Rink Solutions: REALice

Ice arenas are energy intensive — but they don’t need to be. REALice lets arena owners, operators and managers optimize ice quality while saving energy at ice rinks by dramatically reducing the amount of hot water needed for resurfacing. This has other energyreducing impacts as well…

IVG Cooling Towers

Less water, less energy and less chemicals:

By increasing the Cycle of Concentration, our cooling tower skid reduces the amount of water that cooling towers need. Lowering the viscosity of the water makes the water more efficient, letting the cooling tower work less. And by changing the state of the soluble calcium in the water, lime scale is reduced — and so are the chemicals needed to keep the cooling towers clean.

Flow Mixer

Mixing and adding

FlowMixer is a hyper-efficient way to add air or liquids to whatever needs mixing. We offer solutions in a wide range of applications from fish farming to sewage treatment.

IVG Irrigation

Better water absorption reduces the need for chemicals

Our IVG Irrigation system lowers the viscosity of the water by removing micro air bubbles. This allows plants to use the water more efficiently.


Our Dedicated Team

Hakan Gronlund

Managing Director

Alain Mestat

Managing Partner

Kevin Gronlund

Sales Manager

Vesna Mangen


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