Technology VPT

The technology creates a large vortex movement within the liquid with high pressure gradients and very low central pressure. Cavitation is performed in a controlled environment.

Technology Overview

Effects on the water by the VPT Process

1.Entrained micro-bubbles are stripped from the fluid flow by very low-pressure  of – 0.97 bar the VPT produces

2.The viscosity of the resulting water is lowered 5-17%, and density increased 3-5%

3.Controlled Cavitation: Cavitation describes the formation of small vapor bubbles (cavities) inside a homogeneous liquid like water. It is a rapid physical phenomenon triggered by the sudden decrease in pressure.

4.Fragmentation:  Already formed lime particles fragment as they move through the pressure gradients and shear forces of the vortex – then filtered out of CT

Precipitaion- nuclei formation:

Technology Overview

Micro Bubbles

Vortex Process Technology VPT   Platform

Indusstrial Vortex Generator IVG


Flow Mixer FM


REAL ice

​The REALice System is based on Watreco’s patented Vortex Process Technology (VPT). The REALice System is economical, ecological and environmental friendly as it uses no chemicals, filters, membranes or additional energy sources. By using REALice-treated water for resurfacing, you will be able to use water as cold as 10°C or even colder. That will let you raise the temperature of the ice surface by between 1-2 °C — a tremendous energy saving.


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