The science behind AERATION

What is AERATION and why is it important?

Aeration of water volumes (introducing oxygen into water) is an important and central part in several water treatment processes ranging from Rivers, Ponds, Waste Water Treatment to Aquaculture. In Rivers & Ponds to keep up a certain level of oxygen before e.g. the water will enter the ocean, Waste Water Treatment it is mainly used to keep the aerobe process going when the bacteria are feeding on the waste and within Aquaculture it is vital with aeration for the growth and living conditions for the fish.

In resent year the trend toward finding smart and energy efficient aeration solutions has gained significant interest on the market. It is important to keep energy consumption at low levels and still produce efficient aeration.

Our FLOWMIXER application

The Watreco solution for aeration is based on our patented components and Vortex Process Technology(VPT). In the aeration application the naturally created sub- pressure (red line in the pictures below) in the middle of the controlled vortex is used to suck in air/oxygen into the water flow. The created sub-pressure is close to vacuum which makes the process extremely efficient. This is a good example of where Natures technology uses a smart ”pull-function” rather than an energy consuming ”push- function” with compressors and or moving and spinning part that can break and needs maintenance.

A natural and uncontrolled vortex as a tornado moving across the earth’s surface with an extreme subpressure in the centre.

The FlowMixer inspired by Nature and designed to create and keep a controlled vortex for water treatment processes in industrial applications.

Studying and verifying the function of the FlowMixer. Identifying and measuring the sub-pressure has opened up for design and development of energy efficient aeration systems based on VPT.

The FlowMixer during test and verification. Water is pumped through and air is sucked into the FlowMixer and mixed with the water flow.
The aerated water volume is distributed due to the outer shape of the FlowMixer. The pump can be driven by solar or wind power. The bent water flow creates a movement of the surrounding water creating a natural mixing effect of the total water volume. The result is millions of small bubbles of air, creating a large total area for oxygenating the water.

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